I'm not the man of words so I asked my friends to tell me how they see me.
'Nothing is easier than talking about Laca, as I know him since forever. We started to learn photography together and inspired each other on the beginning of that journey. After some time when we both knew which area interests us, he turned to portrait and nature photography and started capturing the photos on his own way. He does not likes cliches, artificial beauty, arty style and he definitely not likes typical tourist spots and ordinary things. He can find his inner peace and create only if he has time and stillness. On his photos you can see how the Earth wakes and breathes, how miraculous the nature and the animals are, how important the details are and how make up of whole and complete, and last but not least on his portraits you find the instant beauty. I can promise you if you stay here and look around, you won’t regret.'
Agnes Csondor
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